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Wine Clubs are a great way to Discover New Wines, Develop Your Palate and Save Some Bucks!

Whether you are just getting started with wine, or an experienced wine collector, Wine Clubs offer many benefits. But how do you choose from the myriad of options out there? Every winery has a wine club. Does that mean you should join 3, 5 or 10 wine clubs from your favorite wineries, for example? That could get a bit overwhelming, very quickly.

Joining a wine club from a winery should be carefully considered, as you will be receiving just that winery’s offerings. That makes sense if you are a big fan of that particular winery, and the wines are in short supply and allocated, meaning the production levels are low (less than 1,000 case, for example). Generally speaking, one of the benefits of joining a winery’s wine club is that you will be assured of, or at least having early access to, receiving an allocation each time the winery releases new wines or special wine club offers.

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A Great Wine Club offers you variety, quality, flexibility, and Savings!

Consider a Better Option for a Wine Club…

one with Variety, Quality, Flexibility and Savings

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A better option might be joining a wine club that offers diversity and more options, but be aware of the shortcomings of some wine clubs out there. Here are some important considerations when contemplating a wine club membership:

VARIETY – A wine club should offer variety of options for the type of wine you like (“All Red”, “All White”, or a mix, “Red and White”), as well as different price levels to suit your budget.

QUALITY – Who is selecting these wines? Are they experienced wine professionals or someone who is simply very good at marketing? Many wine clubs offer wines that you may never have heard of before. These can be mediocre wines someone purchased on the bulk market, gave it a catchy name and slapped an attractive label on the bottle, but you don’t really know the origins of the wine. Or the wines may be “left-overs” or excess inventory a winery is looking to move and therefore offered to one of the “flash sites” as a deal to clear out some inventory? A good, reputable wine club stands behind their wines!

SAVINGS – A good wine club should offer a discount from the regular prices. Any savings are good, but the best wine clubs start at 15% Off regular retail. Higher discounts are definitely a plus, but be weary when discounts sound too good to be true, like 50-75% Off. At the end of the day, the old saying, “you get what you pay for” often rings true. Also Free Shipping included is a big bonus!

SELECTION – In addition to price levels and broad categories of “All Red” or “All White”, the selections should include selections that are: a) well known, or reputable brands with a track record; b) newer releases that can be reordered at wine club prices; and c) contain a cross-section of interesting, delicious wines in the chosen price range. Once again this comes back to who is making the selections.

The WCC Wine Club | Just Launched!

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The Benefits of Wine Clubs

DISCOVERY – Wine Clubs are a great way to discover wines that may become your new favorite wine! The club shipments may contain a wine you might never even consider order because you’ve never heard of it, or are not familiar with the varietal or blend. Discovery is one of the most exciting features in the world of wine, and wine clubs are an excellent vehicle to discover new, exciting and delicious wines.

SELECTION – When you have a professional tasting panel of wine experts who have direct ties to winemakers, vineyard managers and grape growers, and winery principles, you’re chances of receiving thrilling new wines are exponentially increased. At Wine Country Connection, our tasting panel consists of some of the most successful and connected people in the wine industry, including Master Sommelier, Kevin Vogt, who ran the award-winning Wine Program for 20 years at Delmonico Steak House, Emeril Lagasse’s famous Las Vegas restaurant. The wine country in Napa and Sonoma is where we call home, and our over 100 years of combined experience have evolved in to relationships with some of the best and brightest in the world of wine.

VALUE – Great wine clubs should offer you wonderful wines and savings too. The WCC Wind Club offers 15%-40% savings depending on the level chosen and wines offered during any particular release. Then your will have the option of reordering wines you really like in the selection at wine club prices. Free Ground Shipping Included is offered on all wine club level memberships.

In Conclusion…

Wine Clubs are a great way to experience new wines and new varietals, expand your palate and enjoyment of wine, and save some bucks in the process.

Take a look at the Wine Country Connection Wine Club. You will be pleasantly surprised and quite possibly find your new favorite wine!



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