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Do you have more than a casual interest in wine? You’d probably like to find those mind-blowing diamonds in the rough, while minimizing the risk of wasting your money, pouring and tasting some real dogs. We get it, and we’re here to help.

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Located in the heart of California's North Coast wine country, including Napa Valley, Sonoma and Mendocino Counties, we seek out the best wines at the best prices for our customers.

Over the past two decades we have build close relationships with winemakers, grape growers and wineries. Our customers love it when we introduce them to a new boutique wine before the rest of  the world discovers it.

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Our Philoshopy

With over 110 years of combined experience in the wine industry, our tasting group includes a Master Sommelier and Expert Wine Consultants. We taste thousands of wines each year and select less than 3% to tell our customers about.

"We taste bad wines so you don't have to!"
(...we taste some pretty good ones too!) 

"Thank you George and Wine Riff for always delivering on great recommendations on some amazing wines. Wine Riff has not disappointed us. Keep the great recommendations coming! My friends and I like to order a mixed case within our price range and boy are we ever so pleased when we open them. Cheers!!!!"

~ Amira R. - FL ~

"I follow the advice of only one wine expert and that's George Bato of The Wine Riff. Not only have I personally tasted bottles of recommended wines, This Wine Riff page (Facebook) is always freshly updated with behind the scenes vineyard production. Really fascinating. Keep up the great work!"

~ Will I. - VA ~

"Before I met George, I was a 'red or white wine' kind of person. He is turning me into a connoisseur of great wines thanks to his knowledge and ability to select and recommend wine your palate will love you. George's Free Tasting Guide is the perfect tool for learning about and understanding what a great wine really is.... no more 2 Buck Chuck for me!"

~ Melodi L. - TX ~

"We're grilling a turkey with your brine recipe, that has become a big hit around here.
Thank you for the great product and service that you provide, it's a real pleasure doing business with you."

~ David C. - FL ~

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