Wine and music!  The parallels are as numerous as the descriptions of a Grand Cru Burgundy or the riffs in “Stairway to Heaven”.  Both are works of art in their own right where the progression and interplay of nuances results in something truly magical.  Both are mediums where the sum is greater than its individual parts, where the end product is the culmination of an artistic process.  In either case, the artists often go through a cascade of emotions creating this labor of love to eventually arrive at the finish with a masterpiece. Sometimes not.

With a piece of music it may be a melody, the words, or the “riff” that grabs you.  With a wine it may be the flavors, complexity, or elegance that does the same.  In either case, both add pleasure to our lives and provide us with a platform for unforgettable memories.

The Wine Riff was established to delve into the stories behind the wines. To meet the people who grow the grapes and make the wines. To visit the regions and vineyards where the grapes are grown. In a nutshell, to attempt to understand the “soul” of that marvelous elixir in our glass.

Although this blog is primarily about wine, one can’t deny the parallels between wine and music.  The similarities between the two mediums are too many to ignore.  And it’s the little intricacies, the nuances and attention to details that distinguish the final outcome that makes a wine sing, or a piece of music a classic.  So who knows when references will crop up about music and it’s similarities to wine, but they will.

Hence, the name…The Wine Riff!

I hope you join us on our journey in discovering the new upcoming wine industry movers and shakers, and delve into the stories behind the scene, exploring what makes the wines you enjoy remarkable and memorable.


George Bato
Founder – The Wine Riff

The Wine Riff





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