(Michelle Rick) While many of us are debating whether to spring for the $15 bottle of wine instead of the cheapest, $9 selection, someone out there could be considering an upgrade to a $15,000 bottle.

The deep-pocketed out there with a taste for the finer things in life may not blink at the average $15,195 price tag on a wine from Burgundy, a 1985 Richebourg Grand Cru by Henri Jayer Richebourg. But it’s a staggering price for us normals, who might not even buy 1,000 bottles of $15 wine over the course of an adult drinking lifetime.

The results are part of an annual ranking by UK site Wine Searcher, which issues a list of the top 50 most expensive wines every year.

Prices from 55,000 wine merchants encompassing more than seven million wines were compared against each other, with France dominating the best of the best: almost all the wines on the list were French, with 40 of the top 50 coming specifically from Burgundy.

Two German winemakers made it on the list with two bottles each, while the only other non-French wine came from a California vintner, Stanley Kroenke’s Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon at 14th place with a $2,884 price tag.

Image courtesy of consumerist.com



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