This is a wine pairing that will rock your world!

Who doesn’t love hearing that sizzle as you throw a piece of raw meat onto that red hot grill? The taste buds start to salivate as the smokey aromas waft up, tantalizing your olfactory and conjuring up images of that first bite. Add some peppers, red onions, tomatoes, zucchini, and asparagus, all dowsed in EVOO, and you are on a roll, heading towards a blissful culinary experience. Read More

Despite selling his PRISONER brand to the the Huneeus Family empire (now known as The Prisoner Wine Company) in 2010, Dave Phinney’s ORIN SWIFT label has been steadily building a loyal fan based following of wine lovers who enjoy rich, “crowd-pleasing”, immensely satisfying wines.

In the latest issue of Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate, the current releases of Orin Swift wines fared extremely well. A stellar example of one of Orin Swift’s white wines is the 2013 MANNEQUIN.
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Opening a bottle of wine with a wax top can be a frustrating experience, but it doesn’t have to be.

Instead of attempting to open a wax topped wine bottle in the traditional manner of cutting the foil, or in this case the wax top, there is a much simpler and cleaner solution.

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…and you’ll open a wax topped wine bottle like a pro.
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Jancis Robinson /
BY: Aaron MacLeanFollow @AaronBMacLean

My fiance, who is otherwise appropriately territorial, has told me that if ever I am going to be permitted a hall pass in our relationship it will be for Jancis Robinson alone. Robinson, who has been writing about wine for 40 years now, is the lead editor and general force behind The Oxford Companion to Wine,

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The wine made in Monterey County is gaining worldwide recognition. “You can’t beat it here,” said Salinas resident Michael Howell. “You just go down the road any way you want to here, to any one of these wineries, and you’ve got some good wines.”

The growing attention to the coastal vineyards is putting Monterey County on many lists of top wine destinations in the world.
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Work set to begin on state-of-the-art facility that could eventually house more than 850,000 cases of wine.

It’s home to Europe’s only population of wild monkeys and a labyrinth of tunnels that criss-cross through its limestone rock. Gibraltar could soon also be home to investment-grade wine from around the world, with work set to begin this month on transforming the rock into a state-of-the-art wine cellar.
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University of California, Davis
Posted by Pat Bailey-UC Davis on September 22, 2015

California’s wine industry leaders predict some serious challenges, but also foresee arise in overall consumption and a growing emphasis on premium, rather than economy, wines.

Challenges remain in the form of consolidation in the distribution and retail arms of the industry as well as in water and other environmental issues, survey respondents say.
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